Pay It Forward

Now is the perfect time to “pay it forward.”

Yesterday we covered a terrible house fire. A family’s home was destroyed. We cover this kind of stuff all the time, but yesterday it had a different meaning. Yesterday it hit me. This family is without a home two days before Thanksgiving.

It is so important to realize this family is not alone. There are still Sandy victims, Philippine victims, and many others out there that could use our support.

Let’s work together and little by little rebuild and make a difference in the lives who need it most.

This is the number to the Red Cross that I believe assisted with that family (413) 442-1506.
You can also visit

Our donations help people in need. If you’re not interested in donating to the Red Cross, please dig deep and find a charity that means something to you and contribute to whatever it is they are trying to do.

After all… Tis’ the season of giving right?

Pay It Forward

If you have a local charity that means something to you – Now is the perfect time to donate. If you don’t know where you can donate, maybe consider the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund!