2013 Movies to Remember


Good morning!

Here is a list of the movies I saw in 2013. They are ordered 1-16 (Favorite-Least favorite).

1) Captain Phillips – I never read the book, but this was an outstanding movie. I was on edge the entire film. Tom Hanks = remarkable.

2) Gatsby – Leonardo DiCaprio knocked this one out of the park. This movie had my attention the entire time. Really neat scenery/story line.

3) We are the Millers – HILARIOUS! MUST SEE!

4) Wolf of Wall Street – Another SUPERB performance put together by Leonardo DiCaprio, not his usual film. Jonah Hill also did a great job with his part. I am expecting some Oscars for both actors. I felt like the movie was unnecessarily long, but it kept my attention. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go see this movie with ANY family members (especially parents) … you can put two and two together (I hope).

5) Hunger Games Catching Fire – I loved the first one just as much. They did such a great job bringing the books to life. I am kind of bummed they are splitting the third book into two movies, but I guess that should of already been assumed.

6) 42 – One word: AWESOME!

7) Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues – I think I need to see it again. There were definitely some memorable lines. Steve Carell was my absolute favorite.

8) Superman – A LOT of destruction, it kind of gave me anxiety, but I enjoyed the movie.

9) The Call – REALLY good movie, great rental if you’re looking for one and haven’t seen it yet.

10) Monsters University – LOVED it -so cute! I loved the first one too. Pixar movies are the best.

11) Oz – Really cool scenery and story line. I was impressed with this movie. However, I could probably only sit through it once more.

12) Hangover Part III – Never saw the ending, but I laughed a lot through the parts I did see.

13) Safe Haven – They did a good job matching the book, but I still like the book better.

14) The Place Beyond the Pines – I think I need to see it again, I was a little distracted.

15) Burt Wonderstone – Jim Carrey was funny, but that was about it.

16) Gravity – No story line what-so-ever. Only cool thing about this one, I saw it in 3D/IMAX.

Here are the movies from 2013 I still would like to see (No particular order).

1) Identity Theft

2) Jack the Giant Slayer

3) Admission

4) GI Joe 2 (I still haven’t seen the first one).

5) Temptation

6) The Host

7) The Internship

8) This is the Engd

9) Despicable Me 2 (I still haven’t seen the first one).

10) Lone Ranger

11) Pacific Rim

12) Grown Ups 2 (I still haven’t seen the first one).

13) Turbo

14) The Butler

15) Jobs

16) Enough Said

17) The Counselor

18) About Time

19) Delivery Man

20) Frozen

Feel free to share the movies you saw in theaters this year. What did you think about them?

Did you see any of the ones I did not? Any recommendations?

Have a great day everyone!


Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays

Merry Merry!

Merry Christmas Eve all!

Things change the older you get and it gets harder to get together for the holidays, but boy did we have some fun.

Christmas Eve we use to get together at my Aunt Donna’s place or at my parents. For the most part it was my mom’s side of the family.

One year we started family traditions. We had a pollyanna gift exchange, we played the Chinese New Year gift exchange, Secret Santa, you name it.

On Thanksgiving you pulled out of a hat… whatever you pulled was your “personal” tradition for the year. These would include: Christmas song, Christmas costume, Christmas poem, Christmas cocktail, Christmas appetizer… again we thought of it all.

We always concluded the traditions by splitting everyone up and playing a newlywed/family feud mix… if you get the gist.

It was a blast, and I really miss those days, but people get older, families grow, jobs force us to be elsewhere, and well it’s just not as simple as it use to be… I miss simple.

Share with me some of your holiday traditions.

What do you guys do for the holidays?

Do you tell the kids about Hanukkah Harold?
What do they do when he arrives? What about Christmas Eve/Christmas?

Happy Holidays everyone!


“Everybody is not your friend. Everybody is not your family. The mission is a true friend, a true family, a true story. I’m blessed to be here.”
-Marshall Jones
“MJ ❤ LM”

Code Blue is an outreach to transport and shelter homeless people during extreme winter weather (temperature/wind chill of 10 degrees or less between November 15th and March 15th).

So many agencies work so hard to keep this program alive in Albany. Last year the Code Blue project housed 279 people.

I met Marshall Jones last week. He’s been at the Rescue Mission for about three weeks. Marshall was so kind and so appreciative. He was one of many I met that day, all with similar personalities.

Not everyone has the opportunity to surround themselves with good people. Not everyone is blessed with a positive lifestyle filled with love. It’s never to late to turn your life around, I agree, but sometimes for some people it takes a little more to start over.

I enjoyed listening to some of the clients stories last week. Most of them openly admitting they have problems, but I appreciate their efforts to get help and turn things around for themselves.

I am encouraging those reading to make donations to the Capital City Rescue Mission. It doesn’t have to be money, it could be winter gear, it could be your time. I’ve always preached it: Together we make the world a better place.

More cities could use the Code Blue program. It saves lives.

No matter what these people did, or what they went through to get where they are today, no one should EVER have to sleep outside in the cold.

Call 518-463-2124 for more information on how you can help, or if you need assistance.

No Phone?

Go to:
Capital City Rescue Mission
259 South Pearl Street
Albany, N.Y.

The Perfect Gift


The best gift – adopting a pet. You can rescue an animal and add to the family.

One of the first purchases I made when I moved to Albany was Rajah. It was the best $75 I ever spent. (It has been a bit more since I’ve had her – BUT it has all been worth it).

Keep in mind, some shelters don’t even charge to adopt.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was so nervous. I grew up with pets, but I never officially owned one… you know like on my own. It is a responsibility and I was off-and-on about it all.

I wanted a cat. Why? A cat is more suitable for my crazy hours, but I wanted a cat that was declawed because I was scared it would scratch my furniture. At the time the animal shelter in Ballston Spa was the only shelter that had declawed cats, so I took a drive. I hung out with two declawed cats, and both of them weren’t very friendly. Rightfully so I guess, I mean if someone ripped my nails out, I probably wouldn’t be the happiest human being out on the market.

I took a stroll, aisle by aisle… and that’s when I saw my orange tiger. She was just lying there snoozing, not bothering anyone. I asked to play with her in the “get to know your possible new pet” room, and she was shedding like crazy. She was so nervous, but just continuously wanted to be pet and loved. I was in LOVE. I didn’t care that she had claws, she was the sweetest thing in the world, and I was sold.

The shelter told me her owner was moving across country and couldn’t take her with him. She had only been at the shelter for a day. It was the perfect rescue.

Right away I knew I was going to name her Rajah (Yes, after Princess Jasmine’s tiger). She’s a mini version – only a girl… it works. She’s just starting to get use to her new name. She’s 2-years-old and loves life. I spoil the heck out of her… she makes it easy.

When people meet Rajah they compare her to a lap dog. She just likes to hang out and snuggle. She is so well behaved… KUDOS to the owner who had her for 2-years. SHE CAN EVEN USE THE TOILET (like Mr. Jinks!) The only problem is she will drink it after she uses it, so I just keep the lid closed.

Adopting Rajah was the best decision I could have ever made. She’s my partner in crime and nowadays things are just a little less lonely.

In the T.V. bizz we move a lot. We leave everything, including loved ones behind for a town we don’t know filled with strangers. It is an amazing industry because it forces you out of your comfort zone, and your forced to see new places and meet new friends and do things you might not have ever done before, but it gets lonely every now and then.

Rajah fills the gap.

I feel bad for people who are allergic to animals, and I feel bad for people who cannot truly appreciate how special and awesome animals are. I feel even worse for all of the beautiful pups and kittys out there dying to be a part of a family.

Have I sold you yet? Slap a bow on it and call it a day, I promise it will be worth it.

Have you ever adopted an animal? What kind of animal? Is he/she still with you? I can’t wait to hear your adoption stories. Feel free to share pictures too!!

Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. Every Tuesday there is a pet of the week segment on CBS6… keep an eye out, you may just spot the perfect pet for you.

Real or Fake?


Real tree or fake? Give me your reasons.

I have considered a fake tree, but I can never get myself to go that route. I also don’t really have anywhere where I can store it after the holidays.

There’s just something about that fresh Christmas tree smell. I always feel bad for those who are allergic.

When do you usually put your tree up? This year, mine went up the weekend after Thanksgiving, decorated and all.

I am excited to be in Albany this Christmas, I might actually get a “white Christmas!” It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen one of those.

Just a heads up – I know the news isn’t everyone’s cup of tea on Christmas morning, but I will be anchoring for Ed and Julia. I will try to keep it as positive and cheerful as I can. I hope you will consider joining me!

Have a great HUMP day everyone!