Real or Fake?


Real tree or fake? Give me your reasons.

I have considered a fake tree, but I can never get myself to go that route. I also don’t really have anywhere where I can store it after the holidays.

There’s just something about that fresh Christmas tree smell. I always feel bad for those who are allergic.

When do you usually put your tree up? This year, mine went up the weekend after Thanksgiving, decorated and all.

I am excited to be in Albany this Christmas, I might actually get a “white Christmas!” It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen one of those.

Just a heads up – I know the news isn’t everyone’s cup of tea on Christmas morning, but I will be anchoring for Ed and Julia. I will try to keep it as positive and cheerful as I can. I hope you will consider joining me!

Have a great HUMP day everyone!


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