“Everybody is not your friend. Everybody is not your family. The mission is a true friend, a true family, a true story. I’m blessed to be here.”
-Marshall Jones
“MJ ❤ LM”

Code Blue is an outreach to transport and shelter homeless people during extreme winter weather (temperature/wind chill of 10 degrees or less between November 15th and March 15th).

So many agencies work so hard to keep this program alive in Albany. Last year the Code Blue project housed 279 people.

I met Marshall Jones last week. He’s been at the Rescue Mission for about three weeks. Marshall was so kind and so appreciative. He was one of many I met that day, all with similar personalities.

Not everyone has the opportunity to surround themselves with good people. Not everyone is blessed with a positive lifestyle filled with love. It’s never to late to turn your life around, I agree, but sometimes for some people it takes a little more to start over.

I enjoyed listening to some of the clients stories last week. Most of them openly admitting they have problems, but I appreciate their efforts to get help and turn things around for themselves.

I am encouraging those reading to make donations to the Capital City Rescue Mission. It doesn’t have to be money, it could be winter gear, it could be your time. I’ve always preached it: Together we make the world a better place.

More cities could use the Code Blue program. It saves lives.

No matter what these people did, or what they went through to get where they are today, no one should EVER have to sleep outside in the cold.

Call 518-463-2124 for more information on how you can help, or if you need assistance.

No Phone?

Go to:
Capital City Rescue Mission
259 South Pearl Street
Albany, N.Y.


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