Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays

Merry Merry!

Merry Christmas Eve all!

Things change the older you get and it gets harder to get together for the holidays, but boy did we have some fun.

Christmas Eve we use to get together at my Aunt Donna’s place or at my parents. For the most part it was my mom’s side of the family.

One year we started family traditions. We had a pollyanna gift exchange, we played the Chinese New Year gift exchange, Secret Santa, you name it.

On Thanksgiving you pulled out of a hat… whatever you pulled was your “personal” tradition for the year. These would include: Christmas song, Christmas costume, Christmas poem, Christmas cocktail, Christmas appetizer… again we thought of it all.

We always concluded the traditions by splitting everyone up and playing a newlywed/family feud mix… if you get the gist.

It was a blast, and I really miss those days, but people get older, families grow, jobs force us to be elsewhere, and well it’s just not as simple as it use to be… I miss simple.

Share with me some of your holiday traditions.

What do you guys do for the holidays?

Do you tell the kids about Hanukkah Harold?
What do they do when he arrives? What about Christmas Eve/Christmas?

Happy Holidays everyone!


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