2013 Movies to Remember


Good morning!

Here is a list of the movies I saw in 2013. They are ordered 1-16 (Favorite-Least favorite).

1) Captain Phillips – I never read the book, but this was an outstanding movie. I was on edge the entire film. Tom Hanks = remarkable.

2) Gatsby – Leonardo DiCaprio knocked this one out of the park. This movie had my attention the entire time. Really neat scenery/story line.

3) We are the Millers – HILARIOUS! MUST SEE!

4) Wolf of Wall Street – Another SUPERB performance put together by Leonardo DiCaprio, not his usual film. Jonah Hill also did a great job with his part. I am expecting some Oscars for both actors. I felt like the movie was unnecessarily long, but it kept my attention. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go see this movie with ANY family members (especially parents) … you can put two and two together (I hope).

5) Hunger Games Catching Fire – I loved the first one just as much. They did such a great job bringing the books to life. I am kind of bummed they are splitting the third book into two movies, but I guess that should of already been assumed.

6) 42 – One word: AWESOME!

7) Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues – I think I need to see it again. There were definitely some memorable lines. Steve Carell was my absolute favorite.

8) Superman – A LOT of destruction, it kind of gave me anxiety, but I enjoyed the movie.

9) The Call – REALLY good movie, great rental if you’re looking for one and haven’t seen it yet.

10) Monsters University – LOVED it -so cute! I loved the first one too. Pixar movies are the best.

11) Oz – Really cool scenery and story line. I was impressed with this movie. However, I could probably only sit through it once more.

12) Hangover Part III – Never saw the ending, but I laughed a lot through the parts I did see.

13) Safe Haven – They did a good job matching the book, but I still like the book better.

14) The Place Beyond the Pines – I think I need to see it again, I was a little distracted.

15) Burt Wonderstone – Jim Carrey was funny, but that was about it.

16) Gravity – No story line what-so-ever. Only cool thing about this one, I saw it in 3D/IMAX.

Here are the movies from 2013 I still would like to see (No particular order).

1) Identity Theft

2) Jack the Giant Slayer

3) Admission

4) GI Joe 2 (I still haven’t seen the first one).

5) Temptation

6) The Host

7) The Internship

8) This is the Engd

9) Despicable Me 2 (I still haven’t seen the first one).

10) Lone Ranger

11) Pacific Rim

12) Grown Ups 2 (I still haven’t seen the first one).

13) Turbo

14) The Butler

15) Jobs

16) Enough Said

17) The Counselor

18) About Time

19) Delivery Man

20) Frozen

Feel free to share the movies you saw in theaters this year. What did you think about them?

Did you see any of the ones I did not? Any recommendations?

Have a great day everyone!


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