Happy Birthday Facebook!

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014:


Can you believe Facebook is celebrating 10 years today? That’s right – it’s been 10 years since Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room launch of one of the most popular social networks we’ve ever encountered… There’s even a movie about it out now!

Some pretty neat Facebook Facts: (if you’re into that kind of stuff)

-201.6 billion friend connections

-1.23 billion monthly active users

-945 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products

-6 billion likes per day (When are they going to come out with the unlike button?)

-400 billion photos shared

-7.8 trillion numbers of messages sent

-6,337 employees worldwide

Do you remember when you first found out about Facebook? I remember. I was so intimidated. I thought it would be just like MySpace – which I HATED. It all (these sites) can be so overwhelming. Whatever happened to simplicity? — OR — is this the new simple? How did you use to stay connected? Has it all changed now? I’m guilty… For me, it’s always texting, snap chats, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging, you name it… Skype and FaceTime – thank GOODNESS for those two creations.

On another note: Social media has COMPLETELY changed the world of News. We are expected to know how to work A LOT of what’s out there now. News is immediate – social networking allows us to be even MORE IMMEDIATE. How overwhelming though… I had to find a way to tie my Facebook page to my Twitter page to my LinkedIn page because I couldn’t remember to update every status on its own. I JUST started blogging and I’m not even that great at this…… yet! Social media is a lot of work, but it’s always fun to learn new things.

Aside from that – because social media is so immediate – there are so many whoopsies. (Should I have just tweeted that? Do I post this? Quick DELETE-DELETE – Disaster averted! OR is it some how some way still out there?) Social networking can also get very personal, another debatable topic… especially for public figures. How personal can we get without upsetting people? Our intentions are never to offend, but sometimes people forget the reality of it all, we’re real people too. Personally, I like to share a lot of PERSONAL information about myself. I don’t want my viewers to look at me as the typical newscaster. I want you to KNOW me. I want to have a personal connection with you. I want to EARN your viewership. I think it means more, but I of course know there are people out there that don’t appreciate that about me, and that’s fine too.

In honor of Facebook’s 10th year… I want to focus on the Then and Now:

1) How has the world changed since Facebook first launched?

2) What is the craziest thing you or someone you know posted?

3-4) What do you like about Facebook – What don’t you like?

5) What would make MY pages (Facebook-Twitter-Whatever you follow) more appealing to you at home?

6) Will social media ever go away – or will it continue to grow?

Thanks for reading and for answering everyone – I am excited to read your responses!

❤ JM


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