As Promised… Feel free to keep them coming!


Q: Do you ever come out to the Brunswick area?

A: We do and we will, so continue to send story ideas our way!

Q: Who is handling scam reporting over there? I feel I was scammed by TimeWarner and feel I am not the only one. I signed up for a deal for 90 days, and once the 90 days were up, I was to receive a $500 Visa gift card. It was suppose to go out 4-6 weeks from the completion of the 90 days. It has been 10 weeks. I tried to call the vendor handling their rewards,TriStar, yesterday, and was on hold for 45 minutes. I finally got sick of holding and hung up.

A: Jennifer Lewke is our investigative reporter and Dori Marlin also does some investigative work. They take care of our “Real Deal” and “Bottom Line” stories. You can reach out to them via e-mail. Jennifer Lewke is: Dori Marlin is:

Q: Do you ever get out to the Brunswick / Grafton area?

A: We do cover stories in this area. If you ever have a story idea that you want covered, feel free to e-mail me at

Q: How can you keep a straight face on some calls, like the 2 guys that just got arrested for sex with cows… Really?

A: It is our job to report the news and report it as professional as possible. There are certain stories we can have fun with, but this story was serious, even though it is pretty ridiculous. It’s not easy, because what you’re thinking is generally what we’re thinking too, but again it’s all about maintaining our professionalism and credibility when we are on the desk and out in the field.

Q: How tall ARE you exactly?

A: VERY TALL. Every time a viewer sees me in person I get… “You’re much taller and skinnier in person.” I am 5’9.

Q: Is it Mullen or Ross?

A: Is and always will be Mullen.



  1. I think it is interesting that you are so tall seeing as you look like a tiny little thing in pictures. Anyways, Question is do you have input into what is written on your prompter or does someone else write it for you?

    • Hi Dan – So sorry I am just getting back to you. I am very tall – the camera shots are a little deceiving haha. For the most part I write my own scripts. Other anchors here help their producers with their shows, but for the most part there are producers here that write for them. I produce the shows I anchor on Saturday and Sunday, and I always write my own material that I report, as do the other reporters.

      Thanks for writing!


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