SUMMER- You Are SO Close!


Summer is right around the corner. I am already starting to see the teacher countdowns pop up on my Facebook news feed.

This is the time of year I am extremely jealous of them! Summers off – who wouldn’t want that?

My favorite part of summer is the beach and the sunshine. I love my beach chair and a good book, which brings me to my next question, do you have any summer book suggestions for me?

I grew up spending every summer in Ocean City, NJ. It became my second home. To this day, I stand by this statement: the sunset from my great-grandmother’s dock is the most remarkable and gorgeous site I have ever seen.

I had some of the BEST summer jobs down in OC. I worked on a pirate ship and a speed boat for cyring out loud! (Yes, you read that correctly!) If you are ever in OCNJ, check them both out: Pirate Voyages, and Stormin’ Speedboat. Both jobs were so much fun! As a pirate I got to paint little kids faces, tell them jokes and stories, and we would have watter cannon fights with the bad pirate. On Stormin’ Speedboat I did exactly what you’re thinking right now, I went on speedboat rides! I also got to tell the passengers all about Ocean City, and occassionally we would run into dolphins! That was always a special treat! They would swim right up to the boat, which was an AMAZING site to see. I have made so many friends in that area, and it is also where I met my Michael, that was the best summer of my life. (Summer Lovin’ Couple 2010).

It’s hard not to smile and be so excited this time of year, and I am smiling especially hard after this past winter!

I hope you all are getting every opportunity you can to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, and I hope you will share some of your fun summer memories with me after you read this blog.

Catch ya later!



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