“Look out, I’m comin’ in hot!”


I am pretty sure at one point or another my parents or one of my aunts took me to a drive-in movie theater, but I vaguely remember it. It’s something I have been itching to do for a long time, and turns out Malta has one! I had an absolute blast. Mike and I went to see Tammy, hence my blog’s title.

The movie was okay, I laughed out loud a few times, but honestly it was all about the experience. Before the movie started a lady came on the loud speakers and said you could listen to the movie with a portable radio, or by using your car’s radio. She then went on to say… “and if you need a jump, come to the concession stand.” This of course cracked us up. The experience was just so different and unique, but it felt romantic and old-fashioned in the most modern way.

Mike and I sat on the roof of my jeep. We opened the sun roof and turned up the speakers. We had a blanket, candy, popcorn, and luckily bug spray.

The people in front of us were pros, they had beach chairs, bug spray, candles – maybe it was a little fire pit – I couldn’t tell, and it looked like they were making s’mores!

It was a special night, something I would love to repeat in the near future.

I’ve mentioned this before, the job forces you to move and live in places some have never even heard of. Obviously I knew of Albany, but I never thought I would be living here! I am so grateful it all worked out. There is so much to do here, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

I try really hard to take advantage of my free time, meet new people, eat at new places, buy local, go out on new adventures, and I am blessed to have Michael by my side for most of it.

Things I still would LOVE to do whether it is here or elsewhere:

-Trampoline Park

-Polar Plunge

-Acro Yoga

-Wind Surf

-Wake Board


-White Water Raft

-Cliff Jumping

-Repel down a building

-Bed and Breakfast

-Glass Blowing

-Tough Mudder

-Bungee Jump

-Rock Climb

-Snow Tubing


Other things that are a must at some point in my life: Eastern State Penitentiary, See Ellen live, Golf in Cooperstown, Go to the baseball hall of fame and local brewery in Cooperstown, run the Disney marathon, run the Disney terror 10k, travel to Bali, travel to Africa, and visit Niagara Falls.


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