How Old is Too Old?


A good read:

According to the article above – Everything has an expiration date, but don’t worry New Yorkers, you have some extra time.

1,000 New Yorkers from the Daily News polled to find out how old is too old to see Miley Cyrus, go clubbing, wear waist-length hair, drink Red Bull, (MOM) take selfies, you name it, and this survey looked into it.

Apparently we can stop worrying about our waistlines when we’re 64!

Some other favorites I took from the article:

Get/Wear a belly button ring – age cut off = 33. Phew! There you go, an inside secret. I still have seven more years (It will probably come out before then).

Use your college ID to get discounts – age cut off = 35. GUILTY! Thank goodness – there’s still time!

Shop at Forever 21 – age cut off = 37. If I can still pull those clothes off past 37… you bet your bottom’s dollar I will still be shopping there.

Order a Red Bull cocktail – age cut off = 42. It’s a Red Bull cocktail mom, not just a plain Red Bull, but I think it’s time to maybe say goodbye anyways?

Wear a backwards baseball cap and say “Dude” – age cut off = 39. Eh… Mike wears his hat backwards sometimes, and I get caught saying, “Dude” BUT we are both NOT 39… I would say around 32-35 this should probably come to an end.

Go to a Miley Cyrus concert – age cut off = 33, unless you’re going with your kid. How about AGE never. Can you tell I am not a Miley fan?

Take selfies – age cut off = 45. Sorry again mom – Although I don’t think this is fair, our parents are just starting to figure this stuff out, let them act/be young.

Order the cheapest bottle of wine on the menu – age cut off = 43. Cheap sometimes taste better.

How about we forget the survey and say if you don’t judge, I won’t judge.


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