By now most of you are familiar with the #icebucketchallenge.The challenge that is taking over social media, and helping to raise awareness for ALS.

Some videos stand out more than others, like my brother having ice water poured on him from a bob-cat machine…


OR my friends from the Philadelphia area that accepted the challenge, and then BOOM had a baby. What? That happened?

ice bucket


Sandi and Kenny Begor were joining the crowd, and creating a fun ice bucket challenge video to post on Facebook.

A short time after the challenge was completed, Sandi went into labor. She must have figured it out pretty quickly after drying off, changing her clothes, and noticing there was still water coming from somewhere.

Little Kenny was due September 10th, but the cold water woke him up from his eight month slumber.

Mom and baby are doing great, and thanks to a wonderful trend that is doing amazing things all around the world, this family has an extra special story to tell.

Kenny and Sandi, thank you so much for letting me be one of the first to share it.

kenny and sandi

Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy. He is clearly destined to make his presence known, and to continue making a difference as you two were when he first came into our world.

ice bucket baby 2

kent general hospital


The Ice Bucket Challenge!

I don’t know about you, but the #icebucketchallenge has taken over my Facebook news feed. These videos are awesome. Famous people, local TV talent, even little kids are getting involved, it’s really fun to watch. Some argue and say it is silly, but I say what a proactive and amazing way to spread awareness, and get people to donate to a great cause.

Like Jimmy Fallon, I not only accepted the challenge, but I also donated. I encouraged my family and friends to do the same, and for the most part they all did.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, the ice bucket challenge is all over social media right now. It starts with one person putting ice into a bucket, and then nominating others to do the same. If the people nominated do not accept the challenge in 24 hours, they are required in good faith to donate $100 to the ALS charity of their choice.

Someone needs to make t-shirts that say, “I accepted the ice bucket challenge, now it’s your turn.” Do it while the ice is hot my friends, and whatever money you make you can donate to ALS!

Have you taken the challenge? Feel free to share your videos with me. If you haven’t taken the challenge, I encourage you all to participate and keep it going.

This is what it’s all about — helping others who need it most. ALS is a terrible disease, and together we can fight it.

HELP! The Remote is Glued to my Hand!

Up until about a couple of months ago – I NEVER watched TV. If it weren’t for Mike coming to visit every other week, I would of gotten rid of my cable.

Boy have things changed. I am hooked on so many shows right now!

I have always watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette, so that was one I was stuck on every Monday. I was so glad Josh won Andi’s heart. I knew that was happening from day one. I thought I was in the clear when this season ended, but nope, Bachelor in Paradise starts tonight. I’ve never seen this one, have you?


Also a first for me this year… AMERICA’S GOT TALENT! This show is unreal. I LOVE the judges, and I can’t get over HOW talented these people are. I am a HUGE Emily West fan, and I am really pulling for her this season. America’s Got Talent takes up like 2-4 hours of my schedule each week… #NUTS. I haven’t watched last week’s episodes yet…. SHH!


Then there is Girl Meets World. I was a HUGE Boy Meets World fan. Girl Meets World is SO Disneyfied. I am not really a fan of the series, BUT I also can’t stop watching it each week. I keep hoping it is going to get better, and I keep looking for THE Mr. and Mrs. Matthews to show up. Mr Feeny was in the first episode and it was kind of freaky… he looked ghostly.


Next up… MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. PLEASE tell me some of you are watching this?! This show is INSANE. Read the title of the series again… YUP it is what it sounds like. These people agreed to marry a complete stranger. They learned their husband’s-wife’s name AT THE ALTER. They went on a honeymoon, and now they are moving in together. They have to be together for five weeks before they decide whether they want to stay married or get divorced. This show has me hooked, I can’t believe it is ACTUALLY working for some people. The one chick’s family didn’t even go to the wedding they were SO disappointed in her decision to do this. Can you blame them? I know there was a lot that went into the experiment, and finding these people matches, but come on. I have been with the same man who I adore for over four years… These people MARRY the first day they meet!


And then of course there is The Next Food Network Star. I pretty much love every show there is on Food Network, but this one is extra special. Chef Nicole Gaffney is married to a good friend, Chaser. She is doing a wonderful job on the show, and now she’s made it through to the final three. Every vote is going to count in the final outcome, so if you have time, PLEASE vote for her. Also, if you can, tune in this Sunday at 9 p.m. Go Nicole — Congrats on all of your success, Mike and I are so proud to know you, and you have represented South Jers like a queen!


Now you know what I am doing when I am not going through an OCD cleaning spree or working out.

Spill the beans — What are YOU watching at home?