Run a Half Marathon… Check!

My first ever half marathon is in the books. I am feeling exhausted today, but other then that I feel great.

I ran the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia. My goal was under two hours, and to my surprise I did it! My time: 1:56:43. I wish I would have sprinted across the finish line, but I thought the finish line was earlier than it was, so my last stretch sprint started a little TOO early.


I definitely see more half marathons in my future, but the full this October will probably be a first and last for me.

Training is very time consuming and painful. I was never a runner, so this journey is very new and challenging for me.

With that said, race day is so inspiring. People come from all over the world to run in these races, and they run with so much passion. Then there are the spectators. These people line the streets, some are dressed in costumes, others are waiving signs, clapping and ringing cow bells. The signs were hilarious, encouraging, and clever. Strangers shout for you, kids throw their hands out for high-fives, it really is a sight to see.

So what’s next on my to do list?

-Get through the full marathon in October.

-Wind surf


-Polar Plunge

-Mud Run/Tough Mudder

-Go see Ellen


-Run some races in Disney World


-Bungee Jump

-Visit Niagara Falls

-Travel, travel, and then travel some more

I am sure over the years as I cross things off I will continue to add to the list, but this is where I am at as of now.

What do you want to do next?


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