When I was in Maryland I helped out at a local bridal store and occasionally modeled wedding dresses. It was so much fun because I had the opportunity to wear dresses I would have probably never picked out for myself.  This experience also helped give me a better idea of what I would be interested in when my time came.

The time is here now, and the hunt for MY wedding dress was on.

I went to some shops in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and I tried dozens of dresses. They were all beautiful, some even took my breath away, but I was starting to get nervous because I didn’t have that “bride moment” I hear so many people talk about.

The first shop was really special because my Dad was there with Mom to see some of the dresses. (Never in a million years did I think Dad would partake in wedding dress shopping, Dad is not a shopper). His face when he saw the very first dress I had on was priceless. I knew right away it wasn’t “the dress,” but that didn’t take away from the significance of that moment. It was so incredible and unforgettable, and made finding the right dress more exciting.

When I got home that night, one of Michael’s family members shared a bridal shop’s Facebook page with me. She wanted me to check it out. The shop’s latest Facebook post is what popped up on my page. The dress was unbelievable. I called the designer, and then called all of the retailers on the east coast that carry the designer’s dresses. Only two were expecting the 2015 dress: A shop right around the corner from my house, and a shop in New York City.

The bridal shop in New Jersey told me they weren’t getting the dress until January-February 2015. The dress wasn’t out in shops yet, only trunk shows. I wanted to continue taking advantage of my time at home, so I tried on other dresses for Mom and my future mother-in-law. Again, they were all beautiful, but none of them were the one.

Every night I stared at the saved picture on my phone. Every night for one month I grew more in love with the dress. I called the shop in New York City, and I begged them to get in touch with the designer. I couldn’t wait until January, I had to know if my instinct was right.

A few days passed and I was on my way home for another visit. Mom and I decided to go to a shop in Pennsylvania. Every dress they pulled was similar to the one I fell in love with. Every dress they pulled was magnificent, but something was missing.

New York City called me two days later. They told me they were getting the dress in December 3rd. Mom and I went December 4th.

I was filled with anxiety and nerves trying on the dress… When I opened my eyes, they were instantly filled with tears. There’s no denying it. It’s my dress. The dress I will marry the most remarkable man in, and I CANNOT WAIT for him to see it.

Pictures coming soon – June 2016<3

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