Rajah is M.I.A.

Have you ever lost your pet? If you answered yes, I have nothing but hope that you found him or her.

Rajah is the first pet I have ever had on my own. I have had family pets before, but Rajah is all mine, and well… I lost her. SPOILER ALERT: She has been located… DUH… I wouldn’t have the strength to tell this story if she were still missing, but boy was it awful.


It happened last weekend. You see, once a month I go home to visit my fiance. Depending on how long I am there, Rajah comes with. This last trip I was there for four days, and I have been traveling a lot recently so I decided against the train and bus, and took Raj for a road trip. Rajah does really well in the car believe it or not. The only thing that upsets her is the cage. I guess I wouldn’t want to be locked up in that thing for four hours either, but in all fairness I did get her a gigantic cage with pillows, and toys. She could throw a party in that thing.

Anyways, we made it to Jersey just fine. The trip was fantastic. We saw some friends get hitched, we caught up with family, it was just about perfect, until Sunday night rolled around. I started to pack up the car with Mike. Rajah clearly got the hint, we were heading back to Albany. She saw her cage and that’s when she must of skedaddled. She was the last thing I had to pack, so I went inside, I called her name, and she was gone. I shook her treats, I looked under beds, I checked every corner of the house, and she was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t just me… Mike couldn’t find her either. We searched high and low, under covers, you name it. We even looked in the washer machine, but no Rajah.

After about 15-20 minutes of searching I started to get upset. We were second guessing ourselves, thinking maybe one of us (me) left the door open and she snuck out. The thought made me panic even more. Rajah is an indoor cat, and wouldn’t make it out in the “real world.” She is spoiled rotten. She wouldn’t be able to adjust, and if she did, well then what about all of the crazies on the road?? We live near a busy street! It was awful. I called the police, I called my parents, I called Mike’s parents… 30 minutes goes by… Still no Rajah.

My head was spinning and I was losing hope. I wasn’t going back to New York without her.

SIDE NOTE: Rajah is a little on the heavy side so she’s been on a diet program. I don’t let her eat wet food anymore.

How was she found?

I went back into the house with her bag of travel stuff. I just so happened to have a can of wet food in there, and I had this sudden urge to open it up. When I did… Out she came. She was downstairs somewhere, but to this day we still have NO idea where.

I had to call everyone back to let them know she was safe, and then I hugged her like any crazy cat woman would.

I knew I loved the little tiger, but I didn’t know it was THAT much. What the heck am I going to do when it’s my children??? How do you people do this?!

P.S. Rajah better live FOREVER.

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