By now most of you are familiar with the #icebucketchallenge.The challenge that is taking over social media, and helping to raise awareness for ALS.

Some videos stand out more than others, like my brother having ice water poured on him from a bob-cat machine…


OR my friends from the Philadelphia area that accepted the challenge, and then BOOM had a baby. What? That happened?

ice bucket


Sandi and Kenny Begor were joining the crowd, and creating a fun ice bucket challenge video to post on Facebook.

A short time after the challenge was completed, Sandi went into labor. She must have figured it out pretty quickly after drying off, changing her clothes, and noticing there was still water coming from somewhere.

Little Kenny was due September 10th, but the cold water woke him up from his eight month slumber.

Mom and baby are doing great, and thanks to a wonderful trend that is doing amazing things all around the world, this family has an extra special story to tell.

Kenny and Sandi, thank you so much for letting me be one of the first to share it.

kenny and sandi

Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy. He is clearly destined to make his presence known, and to continue making a difference as you two were when he first came into our world.

ice bucket baby 2

kent general hospital


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